100 Things to do in Helsinki (Katja Panzar)

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  • Ilmestymisvuosi : 03/2017
  • Kirjailija : Katja Panzar
  • Kustantaja : Siltala
  • ISBN : 9789522344359
  • Sivuja : 170
  • Sidosasu : Nidottu



One of the most commonly asked questions by visitors to Helsinki is: What should I do and see? 100 things to do in Helsinki offers a curated list of 100 activities ranging from design spotting and shopping to coffee drinking (Finnsare among the world’s biggest consumers of caffeine), cycling and walking adventures, and a tour of the city’s best saunas and swimming spots. Along with essential details and lively background information, 100 thingsto do in Helsinki celebrates the dynamic Nordic city by the sea founded in 1550 and doubles as a visual souvenir of the Finnish capital.


Katja Panzar